GODS OF DEATH – Official video


Here it is the second single from our upcoming album with the same name! GODS OF DEATH

But if it that wasn’t enough, we have some extra and amazing news for you!!

Words from Rafchild Records:

“KRAMP To Release Debut Album “Gods Of Death” On Rafchild Records Tremble yee mortals for the Gods of Death are almost upon thee! Heavy metallers KRAMP from Madrid have joined forces with Rafchild Records to release their full-length debut “Gods Of Death” on November 25th on CD, LP and Tape. Expect a massive slab of pounding metal, both epic and fast, evoking heroes like OMEN or IRON MAIDEN and mixing it with the fire and energy of Mediterranean epic metal. Fans can expect ten songs of blistering steel, masterfully illustrated by an amazing artwork from singer Mina. Today we can reveal the brand-new video for the title track ‘Gods Of death’


As you know, the album will be released on November 25 through Rafchild Records, but we have decided to open a pre-sale that includes a bunch of bundles, as well as new merch and of course, the album in LP, CD and tape!

We prepared everything so it could be ready for Bandcamp‘s Friday, for the 2nd of October, as they’re offering free fees for musicians in certain days, and of course that bit of extra truly help us!

Our website www.krampofficial.com has been updated with the new items as well, where you can see the entire catalogue and make your purchases. And of course, if you prefer to just contact us by e-mail to place your orders, you can reply to this one or write a new one to kramp@hotmail.es

Thank you everyone for your amazing support!! It’s been some intense months since the release of the Speed of Light video and you’ve proved to be the best Leather Warriors in the world!

~~SPECIAL MESSAGE FOR OUR GERMAN WARRIORS OUT THERE: Rafchild Records will be putting a pre-sale as well and of course, the shipping costs to Germany will be cheaper from his place. ~~


Artwork reveal

Disciples of the Gods of Death rejoice!

For today, we can reveal both the cover artwork and the track list of our upcoming album “Gods Of Death”, out on 25.11.2020 through Rafchild Records.

The cover art is signed by Mina Walkure, vocalist of the band and the track list is as follows:

01. Underground Rebellion 4:22
02. Night Witches 2:15
03. End Of The World 3:32
04. Deorum Mortem 1:39
05. Gods Of Death 3:49
06. Dare To Face Fear 3:29
07. Assault 3:08
08. Speed Of Light 3:00
09. Walkyrie 3:49
10. Leather Warrior 3:28
11. Preserved In Time 5:08

Furthermore, we can announce that preorders for all three physic formats (LP, CD, and tape) will open very soon and just in time for this week’s Bandcamp Friday, so expect more good news in the next days!

Speed of Light (official video)

Maybe it’s not the best moment to release anything. Not the best year, not the best month, not the best day…But one thing is for sure: we’ve been working our ass out to prepare this material for a really long time, and 2020 can go to hell!

No, we don’t have a release date or a label, but maybe the world will explode tomorrow and we want to seize the day. Live fast, die old… as Lemmy said.

Bands can’t tour, play live or even rehearse together (fuck, it’s been months for us without seeing each other), but HEAVY METAL CAN’T BE STOPPED.

Here’s our part!This is the first track that we present you, from our upcoming album: GODS OF DEATH. This song is called SPEED OF LIGHT.

Some additional details: Ced Forsberg (CRYSTAL VIPER, BLAZON STONE…) has been in charge of the sound department, recorded drums and some guitars for the album… and also backing vocals for this song

The track is also available on Bandcamp: https://krampmetal.bandcamp.com/


We’ve been locked at our own houses since 14th of March, many days and there are more days ahead with the same situation…

As you may know, we’re working on the album (currently mixing, and OH BOY! You’re gonna LOVE IT) so we don’t want to spoil that material, but we wanted to do something to keep ourselves bussy and to offer you something, cause this situation sucks for everyone. Our choice? Warlord… Child of the Damned!
Recorded in a humble way from our own houses and counting once again with Mr. Sasso on drums, cause it’s not safe to record proper drums.

There’s an audio version, that you can download for free on Bandcamp, and a video version.

Hope you like it!

More details about tour

We’re happy to announce that the last bands of our Scottish gigs have been added! Stormrider will complete the bill for 5th of October in Edinburgh, while Tantrum will join us in Glasgow, 6th of October.

Both days, Midnight Force & Eliminator will be our partners in crime, as well for a previous gig the same weekend, Friday 4th in Lancaster.

Check the tour section for more info!