Artwork reveal

Disciples of the Gods of Death rejoice!

For today, we can reveal both the cover artwork and the track list of our upcoming album “Gods Of Death”, out on 25.11.2020 through Rafchild Records.

The cover art is signed by Mina Walkure, vocalist of the band and the track list is as follows:

01. Underground Rebellion 4:22
02. Night Witches 2:15
03. End Of The World 3:32
04. Deorum Mortem 1:39
05. Gods Of Death 3:49
06. Dare To Face Fear 3:29
07. Assault 3:08
08. Speed Of Light 3:00
09. Walkyrie 3:49
10. Leather Warrior 3:28
11. Preserved In Time 5:08

Furthermore, we can announce that preorders for all three physic formats (LP, CD, and tape) will open very soon and just in time for this week’s Bandcamp Friday, so expect more good news in the next days!