As you know, the album will be released on November 25 through Rafchild Records, but we have decided to open a pre-sale that includes a bunch of bundles, as well as new merch and of course, the album in LP, CD and tape!

We prepared everything so it could be ready for Bandcamp‘s Friday, for the 2nd of October, as they’re offering free fees for musicians in certain days, and of course that bit of extra truly help us!

Our website has been updated with the new items as well, where you can see the entire catalogue and make your purchases. And of course, if you prefer to just contact us by e-mail to place your orders, you can reply to this one or write a new one to

Thank you everyone for your amazing support!! It’s been some intense months since the release of the Speed of Light video and you’ve proved to be the best Leather Warriors in the world!

~~SPECIAL MESSAGE FOR OUR GERMAN WARRIORS OUT THERE: Rafchild Records will be putting a pre-sale as well and of course, the shipping costs to Germany will be cheaper from his place. ~~

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