Speed of Light (official video)

Maybe it’s not the best moment to release anything. Not the best year, not the best month, not the best day…But one thing is for sure: we’ve been working our ass out to prepare this material for a really long time, and 2020 can go to hell!

No, we don’t have a release date or a label, but maybe the world will explode tomorrow and we want to seize the day. Live fast, die old… as Lemmy said.

Bands can’t tour, play live or even rehearse together (fuck, it’s been months for us without seeing each other), but HEAVY METAL CAN’T BE STOPPED.

Here’s our part!This is the first track that we present you, from our upcoming album: GODS OF DEATH. This song is called SPEED OF LIGHT.

Some additional details: Ced Forsberg (CRYSTAL VIPER, BLAZON STONE…) has been in charge of the sound department, recorded drums and some guitars for the album… and also backing vocals for this song

The track is also available on Bandcamp: https://krampmetal.bandcamp.com/